Logo Cabanes Dosrius color for its 10th anniversary

Our cabins

Give yourself time to stop, to enjoy the essentials. Of the " small" pleasures that life offers us.

The uniqueness and added value of our cabins is precisely to be able to live the experience of returning to the origins. Making available sustainable cabins without electricity and running water.

slow down,
Listen to the silence
around you,
Just breathe
sleep under the light
the moon and stars,
rest as you have not done in a long time,
Wake up to birdsong and the first rays of sunshine.
Awaken your senses...
Re-connect with
nature and with oneself,
with the tree that holds you.

In Cabanes Dosrius, you can live the experience of disconnecting from the routine, to reconnect with nature with all the senses.


Live the magic of each season of the year, with all the comforts and conveniences.

Treetop cabin in an all-snowy landscape in a gampling in Catalonia

Sacred geometry

In addition, it is a geometry that attracts good energy and positivity. So much so, that it is considered ideal to recover and renew our cells.

The octagon is considered the bridge that resolved the union between Heaven and Earth. It indicates the path to interiority, the transition from quantitative to qualitative , the path to heartbeat, the return to mother Earth.

The 4 elements of nature are present in each cabin, harmonizing naturally each of them.


All cabins have their own charm, with different décor and unique views from the top of the tree. Octagonal space of 25m2 of wood, taking care of every detail and adapting to the characteristics of each tree that supports them without damaging it.

The geometry in the cabins in the trees of Cabanes Dosrius, a unique and original experience
White triangle-shaped icon representing air


Private terrace with views from above.

White triangle-shaped icon representing fire


Bioethanol stove. Refillable lamps and candles

White triangle-shaped icon representing water


WC, Sink with bottle of water and complimentary water

White triangle-shaped icon representing the earth


Bed linen (duvet and blanket for winter) and towels

To improve the experience of immersion in nature and to be able to disconnect from the routine, we recommend turning off your mobiles.


Whenever you want you can recharge them in the cozy Sala Espacio Crea next to the reception, where there is also a fireplace, a small library, and terrace with bar area.


Next to reception, you will also find private bathrooms with showers. We can leave you soap, towels and hairdryer.

People in a unique wooden cabin high in a tree pointing to the sky in a place in nature with a lot of charm

Bring a backpack and comfortable shoes to climb up the mountain until you find your nest on top of the tree. We will give you a map for the most adventurous!

Join the Slow Movement! Understanding the circadian rhythm of nature as our own.
Connect with what is necessary, to put aside what we no longer need.


Maximum capacity of 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
At 5m altitude
About 10min walk


Maximum capacity of 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
At 8m altitude
About 11min walk


Maximum capacity of 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
At 5m altitude
About 12min walk


Maximum capacity of 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
At 8m altitude
About 14min walk


Maximum capacity of 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults
At 9m altitude
About 17min walk


Suite for 2 adults
At 7m altitude
About 20min walk
The most isolated of all and with a special decoration for couples.


Suite for 2 adults
At 10m altitude
About 5min walk
With a completely handmade decoration and the highest and most spectacular trunks.