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We list the questions more frequent to solve of Easy way your doubts

Yes, you will find an area indicated to leave your vehicle. Grab your bag and walk up 3min to reception, you will go into the forest and where your experience begins! 🙂 We will explain all the details for your stay and the idea is to enjoy a small excursion of about 10-15min before finding your Cabana.

Yes, and it is a pleasure to feel the contrast of the cold outside and the warmth inside the nest. 😉
Our cabins are designed to isolate subzero temperatures. Built with double layer of wood and rock wool. They also have a Bioethanol stove, as well as a 500gram duvet and additional blankets.

Well, the sounds of nature intensify and it is a great pleasure for the senses. 😉
All our cabins are supported by the tree, they are not propped up on the ground therefore, they always have a suspicive and pleasant sway. Fit and vertigo 😉 proof

No, the idea is that you can enjoy all the comforts and that you don't have to worry about anything.
Inside the cabin you have a bed of 1.50m with sheets and duvet. Hand towel for the bathroom. And blankets during the colder months.

Basically, we recommend mountain footwear and practical backpack. We must remember that they are forest 😉 roads and little more material! Just be open to unfold all the senses and enjoy the gifts of Nature 😉

Yes, you have a sink with carafe of water to wash face, hands and teeth. And also a "Poti-Poti" toilet. If you want to shower, there are private bathrooms next to reception and we can leave you towels, soap and hairdryer.

At reception we will give you a lantern, headlamp, flashlight and led candles. If you want you can bring some extra point. Although it is a pleasure to be able to enjoy and go with the natural circadian rhythm of light.

We have five cabins with capacity for up to 2 adults and 2 children. We prepare an extra sofa in the same room.
For families with more than 4 members, they are usually distributed in two cabins.
Welcome children of all ages! 😉 It's as magical for them as it is for adults.

No, it is easy and safe access for all ages. First we have to make the small hike up the mountain about 10-15min and once you find your cabin there is a platform where the stairs are with bars on both sides to access directly to your cabin.

Each cabin has its charm. For us, what makes them special are the different trees, height and corners of the forest where they are located. It also changed the decoration and colors of each. And its name, inspired by mushrooms that can be found in the territory. All our cabins have an area of 25m2 and a terrace to enjoy breakfast and dinner.

Find your great little explorer cabin! 😉

We are aware that it is also an ideal place for our animal companions. But we have finally decided that entry is not allowed.

The cabins are available from 4pm. Obviously you can come earlier, leave luggage at reception and enjoy the surroundings and the activities you have booked. The departure time is 12 noon.

For any other information, feel free to contact us and we will talk about it!

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