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We offer Wellness and Health proposals for all audiences

Nature for all; nature IS all of us.

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Enjoy a special dinner under the moonlight...

We offer menus with home cooking, made with local products and according to season.

There are also gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

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Pleasures for your palate...

A good Llopart Reserva Brut Nature cava with Xòcala handmade chocolates.

By the hand of the chocolatier Josep Teixidor, and co-founder of the Hi Som Association.

Add other proposals; also open to the external public

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Treat yourself to a good dose of Calm and Wellness in the middle of nature, inside the cozy wooden house.

From the hand of our professional team specialized in therapies and massages focused on Health, (physical, mental and emotional).

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Enjoy personalized sessions for all audiences.

From the hand of Alba Moreno, who with loving listening offers you experiences to balance and enhance your well-being.

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Awaken your senses by reconnecting with nature, with oneself and with the whole environment.

By Clàudia Tolosa, therapist in Japanese technique Shinrin Yoku, mindfulness and coach.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku, originated in Japan in the 80s in response to the growing "karoshi" (stress, or death from overwork). It is a sensory experience where you consciously immerse yourself in the forest, without haste, awakening and recovering the five senses, synchronizing the human and natural rhythm.

This activity balances the nervous system, reduces stress and reduces the overstimulation that we are subjected to in our day to day. Relaxing the mind and strengthening the immune system.

The Forest Bathing is an experience of about 2 hours, in which a series of individual and personalized exercises are carried out for families, adults and groups. It involves moderate physical activity, as it is covered from 1 to 3km. It is a healthy proposal, suitable for all audiences.